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Idol Idol

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A stunning piece, with a stirring premise and an equally stirring delivery.
The powerful contrast of shape, size and texture of the two figures really drives the concept deep into the bedrock of the brain - doubly so when it is explained and the viewer knows what everything is meant to represent.
The vastness and unknowability of the great black figure - especially in comparison to the frailty of the woman praying, practically unnoticed, at its back, is beautiful to behold. The two impossibly round circles behind it place it in a space beyond the woman - beyond her reach, and beyond her ken.
If nits must be picked, then there is perhaps some roughness to the 'feathers' pluming off of the entity's back and arms, where a little more detail and refinement to make them look more feather-like may have served the piece - and people who like to look at details - well. But the boldness and consistency of the style make this is a middling, pedantic issue at the very best.
It's a great piece - well done.

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I really enjoy a good review. Thank you very much!